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Mooncake Lady: Chang’e

CONTEXT: The interlocutor (ZG) is a high school friend of the interviewer. She and her twin sister grew up in a Chinese-American household in Los Angeles. DESCRIPTION: (told over call)(ZG): “I don’t know if this is what you want but there’s this mooncake woman story my mom used to tell me and my sister of… Continue Reading »

The I-Love-You Game

Context The interview is with one of my friends as she recounts a game that she used to play with her family ———————————————————————————————————— Performance The following is a story told to me by the interviewee. “Growing up, at the end of our day when we were checking in we would play the game called the… Continue Reading »

Don’t Put Your Purse On the Floor

Context This proverb is collected during a conversation I had with a friend when she came over for dinner at my house. ———————————————————————————————————— Performance The following is a proverb told to me by the interviewee. I: Don’t put your purse on the floor or you’ll always be broke M: Who told you this? I: It’s… Continue Reading »

“Bloody Mary” Test of Courage

Main Piece: B: So when I was in kindergarten or first grade, during recess my friends and I would play four-square. So, I was- there’s a line and I was waiting in the line to play. And I heard two boys talking about Bloody Mary. They said you have to say “bloody mary” three times… Continue Reading »