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Armenian Proverb – The Prudent Man

Main Piece Original Script Մինչեվ խոհեմ մարդը մտածում է, խենթը գետի ափին է և հեռու: Phonetic Script Minchev khoem marduh mdatsumeh, khentuh geti apineh yev herru. Transliteration Until the smart man thinks, the fool on shore he is and far. Translation “While the prudent man is considering, the fool is across the river and away”… Continue Reading »

Nyami Nyami – Legend from Zambia

Context: Informant MW’s family has a ministry based in Zambia. This ministry aims to “share the love of Jesus” and accomplishes this by “addressing these areas: hunger, education, job creation, and sustainability.” This ministry has allowed MW to spend several summers in Zambia where she has been able to observe and experience Zambian folklore firsthand…. Continue Reading »

La Llorona Legend

KF: Ok so, um, there’s this tale, or folklore, or urban legend- I’m not quite really sure what it is…um, where- I think they recently made a movie on it too. Uh, La Llorona is a woman who was married and she had children, but her husband ended up cheating on her or leaving her,… Continue Reading »

Trip to the Sea

Main Piece John Ledyard was a Dartmouth student, and he paddled a canoe from Dartmouth, all the way to the ocean. So every year now since then, we do something called the “Trip to the Sea”, where they model his journey, and you canoe from Dartmouth down the Connecticut river out to the Atlantic Ocean,… Continue Reading »

Saint Christopher Medallion

Content: Informant – “When I was being raised, Saint Christopher was an important saint. All of us, the kids, got medals, little medallions that we wore, that were Saint Christopher medals. Saint Christopher was the patron saint of travelers. Now Christopher means Christ carrier. And the legend is that he was a big person, almost… Continue Reading »