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Spitting on the Devil

Description “Whenever you talk about something good happening, like if you mention you’re doing good, you have to spit over your shoulder three times. The Russians believe that’s where the Devil is, so you’re spitting on the Devil real quick, just to make sure that he doesn’t, uh, to make sure that nothing negative happens…. Continue Reading »

Levine Hand Strength

I’ve sat next to this girl for most of the semester, however our conversation has been limited to commonalities between the pair of us rather than old family stories. I knew she was Jewish and from the Valley. She seemed eccentric, and dressed in that way only those privy to Los Angeles beach culture – striped shirts,… Continue Reading »

Barrel Maker Family Legend

This was collected during a discussion section for this class on March 27, 2018 in which we were instructed to exchange folklore with each other. We could share whatever we wanted, so there was no prompting from me about this legend. This was told to me along with several other people in our discussion. WL… Continue Reading »

Proverb: Love is like a Tomato

Main Piece: Proverb Original: Прошла любовь, завяли помидоры. Phonetic: Proshla lyubov’, zavyali pomidory. Literal translation: Love has passed, tomatoes have withered. Actual translation: The love was a crush and it passed quickly. Background Information: Why does informant know this piece? This was told to her by her friends. Where did they learn this piece? The… Continue Reading »