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Active Angels

This friend of mine has always mentioned that his family is very Christian, while he himself is more secular. He believes in God, and prays regularly, however he is a bit skeptical in terms of miracles happening here on Earth. Having grown up in San Diego in close proximity to his grandparents, who are even… Continue Reading »

The San Diego Kook

My friend from San Diego frequently mentions some of the great things that are characteristic of San Diego. The following tradition is an example. Informant: “So in Cardiff, there’s a statue of a guy surfing like this [gets in surf position]. Cardiff is a beach city in North County San Diego, and there’s this statue… Continue Reading »


This informant grew up in San Diego, CA.  He is now a sophomore student at USC.  He told me about a few folk expressions from his high school and I chose “Lope” Informant: Lope is short for “Low Profile” but it can be used in all different sorts of contexts.  If someone if drinking vodka… Continue Reading »

Pirate’s Cave

Here my informant recounts a tradition among the local youth he knew in Point Loma to visit a place they called the “Pirate Cave” he describes the historical basis for the tradition, and the reasons people are still drawn there. “Alright, well I grew up in Point Loma San Diego, and there’s this thing called… Continue Reading »