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Scissors Under Your Pillow Will Keep Away Nightmares

Context: The informant and I are sitting in the USC Gould Law Cafe around 3:00 pm where she is describing some of the Chinese traditions her grandparents used to practice. She is a Chinese American student at the University of Southern California who was born and raised in Shanghai until she came to America for… Continue Reading »

Scissors Riddle

Main Piece: Riddle Original: Два кольца, два конца, и по середине гвоздик. – Ножницы. Phonetic: Dva kol’tsa, dva kontsa, i po seredine gvozdik. – Nozhnitsy. Translation: Two rings, two points, and nail in the center. – Scissors. Background Information: Why does informant know this piece? This was told to him by his childhood friends Where… Continue Reading »