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Latin Proverb – Postquam vinum, lac Fac testamento tuo

Content: Latin Proverb “Postquam vinum, lac. Fac testamento tuo.” Transliteration – “After the wine, milk. Make your will.” Translation – “If after wine, you drink milk, make your last will and testament.” Context: Informant – “I heard it from my father. He was quite the linguist. I’ve never heard anyone else say it, but the… Continue Reading »


My friend from Paraguay told me about this special drink which wards off illness. Me: What is it? Friend:”Carrulim is a drink that’s made from sugar cane alcohol, lemon, and some other herbs and spices. It started with the medicine men in the Guarani tribe, which is the tribe of people native to Paraguay before… Continue Reading »


“So the saying is, ‘Sick,’ but it’s not like, ‘Oh bro, that was sick,’ or ‘Are you okay? You look sick,’ it’s not like that. It’s kind of similar to ‘toolbag,’ you know, where it’s like you can’t really explain ‘toolbag,’ but if you see a toolbag walking down the street you’re like, ‘Whoa, that… Continue Reading »