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Don’t look for problems – Mexican Proverb

Main Piece: “No le busquen chichis a las culebras” Transliteration: Don’t look for boobs in the snakes Translation: Don’t look for problems where there are none Background: Informant Nationality: Mexican Location: Guadalajara, Mexico Language: Spanish Context and Analysis: My informant is a 71-year-old female. When I asked her if she knew of any common sayings… Continue Reading »

Barbados Hair Covering

Informant: In Barbados, all the women wear hats—the black women—because they think that if their hair gets wet, it will turn into snakes. Yes, so they always wear hats—it’s the funniest thing! They aren’t, you know, uh, fashionable, they’ll just wear anything they can plop on their heads. They don’t learn to swim either—which is… Continue Reading »