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“You shank it, you shag it.” Saying in soccer

Main Piece Informant: “You shank it, you shag it.”  It’s kinda like a motto you just say with friends when you are kicking the ball around. Whenever you are just messing around with friends, or at practice and you try and make a goal and you miss it, like completely,  you have to go get… Continue Reading »

“Bottoms Up” Soccer Game

Main Piece Informant: Whenever it was someone’s birthday on the team they would have to play “Bottom’s Up.” They would have to stand in the goal, bend over, and grab the net with their head down and closed eyes. Their butts would be in the air facing the field, and everyone else on the team… Continue Reading »

Soccer Streaks

Informant Info: The informant is a 26-year-old female who was born in raised in Hickory, North Carolina. For the past 3 years, she has lived in Orlando, Florida and has worked for Walt Disney World as a Status Coordinator. For the pas Interview Transcript: Interviewer: I know you played soccer pretty much all of your life… Continue Reading »