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“No T, No Shade” – Gay Slang

About the Interviewed: Davey is a student at the George Washington University double-majoring in English and LGBT Studies. His ethnic background hails from Spain. At the time of this interview, he was currently on leave at his home in Southern California. He is biologically male, but he identifies as gender-queer. Nonetheless, he prefers male pronouns…. Continue Reading »

Last Football Practice Speeches

Last Football Practice Speeches Tradition   My informant described one of his football team’s traditions:  “A tradition of football team was that at end of every season the Seniors would give a talk – each Senior would give a talk in front of the entire football team.”   To my informant, “What would they usually… Continue Reading »

「青春」– Japanese Folk Speech

The Japanese word 青春 does not apply itself to an exact translation in English. The first letter of the word, 「青」literally means “green,” and in this word is used in the context of a green bud or fruit perhaps, just about to ripen. The second letter, 「春」literally means “spring,” or “blooming.” At first glance this… Continue Reading »