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Speed Trap Ahead


One day a Police Officer found a perfect hiding place for watching for
speeding motorists. He stayed there quite commonly and it was very effective.

But one day, the officer was confused when he saw thateveryone was under the speed limit, so the officer investigated and found the problem. There was a child who was
standing on the side of the road with a huge hand painted sign which said
“Speed Trap Ahead.” But that was not it, the officer followed the road further ahead and it led the officer to the boy’s friend, another boy a few yards beyond the radar trap with a sign reading “Tips” and a bucket at his feet

…and it was full of change.

Relationship to Subject:

This was another funny story joke that was told to the subject by their mother. The mother said to have heard it from their own friend group so it was passed down to a few different groups. The subject remembers hearing this joke after school one day by their mom and did not think it was very funny, but now that they are older they think the details of the story are surprising and a little bit funny. The subject thinks that this is a true story but they are not sure if it is actually rooted in reality and they did not know any actual details of the story, so this does count as folklore in this sense.


I enjoyed this story and I actually found it funny. The way it was told added to the comical nature because it was told slowly and the subject tried to create a sense of suspense about the reason for the lack of speeding that day. It has two “punchlines”, one where the reason for the mystery is discovered, and another about why the reason is happening. I enjoyed hearing the story but I think that this joke would likely prove more successful with older audiences because it is more rooted in the real world and not childish or too vulgar.

Speeding Joke

What is being performed?
JJ: Okay, so, one time, one of my friends was driving pretty late at night. She was speeding and
she got pulled over by a cop. And the cop was like, “Excuse me ma’am, do you know how fast
you’re going?” and she was like “I don’t” and he was like “Are you aware that you were
speeding?” and she was like “I’m sorry officer, I didn’t know.” So the officer was like, “Can I see
your license and registration?” and she’s like “sorry I don’t have either of those.” So the officer
was like, “What do you mean you don’t have either of those?” and she was like, “Sorry I stole
this car.” And he was like “What do you mean you stole this car?”
AA: What?
JJ: I know. So she says, um, “Yeah I killed the owner of the car. Stuffed him in the trunk and
drove away with this car.” So the officer starts freaking out and he calls backup on his radio.
And suddenly 10 police cars surround the vehicle, guns ready, spotlights on. So the head sherif
comes up to the car and he says, “excuse me ma’am I’ve been told that you don’t have your
license and registration?” She looks at him and hands him her license and registration of the
car. The sheriff looks a little confused because obviously the whole reason he was called over
was because she didn’t have her license or registration and there was supposed to be a dead
body in her car. He says, “excuse me, I heard you killed the driver and stuffed him in the trunk.”
And she says, “no, you can have a look for yourself.” So the sheriff opens up the trunk and
there’s nothing. He says to her, “The other officer said you killed a man and stole this car.” And
she says, “I suppose he told you I was speeding too?”

Why do they know or like this piece? where/who did they learn it from? What does it mean to
AA: Where did you first hear this joke?
JJ: The guy that works at the front desk of Trojan Hall told it to me.
AA: That’s cool. What does it mean to you?
JJ: I just think it’s funny and I imagine myself doing it the next time I get pulled over.
Context of the performance- where do you perform it? History?
This joke is usually performed amongst friends or in Jonathan’s case, from elders to young
adults. He first heard this joke from an older gentleman that works in his dorm building at the
front desk. The guy told him several jokes but that was the only one Jonathan could remember.
He now uses it at the dinner table, with his friends while studying, and with his uber drivers.

I think this joke is pretty funny and I had never heard it before the informant told me about it. I
can see myself telling this joke on a road trip and can see it being a very popular joke.