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Softball Nicknames

Context Being in a sports team throughout high school, there are many interesting rituals that we practice. The following comes from an interview with a fellow softball teammate as she recounts her favorite small ritual that we practiced in our team. ———————————————————————————————————— Performance The following is a story told to me by the interviewee. “In… Continue Reading »

Main Piece: Tennis Court Lines

Background: The informant grew up playing tennis every single day after school. She and her family members were professional players, and there was an expectation that everyone becomes an expert at the game through endless hours of training and tournaments. She played tennis in college and once she graduated, she coached players on the tour…. Continue Reading »

Ole Miss “Hotty Toddy” Cheer

Main Piece:  Informant- *Loud Shouting Voice*  Hell yeah, damn right!!! hotty toddy gosh almighty who in the hell are we HEY!!! flim flam, bim bam OLE MISS BY DAMN! Interviewer- Is there a specific time you sing the song?  Informant- The song is a response to the usually shouted phrase “Are You Ready?”. It is… Continue Reading »