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Context: The informant is a current junior at Cal Poly SLO. She plays volleyball at the intramural level and has been playing volleyball since middle school.  The following is an interview between me (DM) and the informant (EM) EM: Peppering is a warm up drill between two to three players as a warmup drill where… Continue Reading »

Track Team Superstition

Context: The informant had been speaking of memories with her track team in high school. Piece: Informant: Yeah so, there was this like consp.. I don’t even fucking know… okay so basically my coach said that if you ever like dropped the baton, like the relay baton during track practice that like that for sure you were… Continue Reading »

Pre-game ritual: Goalies

  Main Piece Informant: Before every game starts, when I am in the crease, I’ll tap the right post with the handle of my stick and the left post with the blade end. Background:  The informant is my brother. He is a senior at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. There he plays goalie for… Continue Reading »