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Fingers have Eyes

Main description: AB: “What proverbs did you learn from your time working at different hospitals with different surgeons and doctors? I’m sure sayings like “Measure twice, cut once” crop up in surgery and in med school.” JB: “Hm, yes, definitely. There’s all kinds of proverbs, but they’re just… so hard to remember. Oh, I’ve got… Continue Reading »

Touch Wood

Background: E.N. is a 58-year-old obstetrician gynecologist who was born in Boston, Massachusetts to two attorney parents. She stumbled upon medicine in college as a psychology major when she took a biology class and became aware that she had an affinity for science. E.N. currently practices full time in the Chicagoland area delivering babies and… Continue Reading »

“Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than be good.”

Saying described verbatim by informant and his wife: “We use that a lot at work, in surgery, in medicine. And there are there are times when (pause) no matter how good a surgeon you are the result is not what you hope it would be, the patient doesn’t do as well. You can do the… Continue Reading »

Feet First from the O.R.

When transporting a patient on a gurney out of an Operating Room, you must have them exit the room feet first. Never head first, because that means they’re dead. Informant’s description of the practice verbatim: “I was called overhead in my surgery center where I work as a Registered Nurse, to please come in and… Continue Reading »