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Armenian Pomegranate Symbol

Նուռ Transliteration: Noor Translation: Pomegranate Description: In Armenian mythology, pomegranates symbolize fertility and good fortune and the guarding of the evil eye. At a wedding, a bride throws a pomegranate and breaks it into pieces. The scattered seeds symbolize that the bride will bear children. Also it is believed that women who want to have… Continue Reading »

Ojinnaka-Folk Title/Name

Context: This name was given to my dad by my grandfather or his father. This name is a title given to sons who have surpassed the expectations of their father.  The name Ojinnaka means that he is greater than his age-mates because of his father. Meaning that the greatness of his father is passed down… Continue Reading »

Figure Skating and Stuffed Animals

Main piece: Interviewer: Can you think of any superstitions or rituals you had when you were figure skating? Informant: Me? No I wasn’t superstitious at all. I remember other girls that would do stuff. Stuffed animals are a big part of skating culture. Some skaters have one singular stuffed animal that they carry everywhere, throughout… Continue Reading »

Three Wise Men

Context: The informant recounts the different religious and cultural stories that he heard while growing up as a child. In the transcript of our conversation, he is identified as S (storyteller) and I am identified as C (collector).   S: Do you have the thing of the three wise men? It’s a Catholic thing.  … Continue Reading »


Informant DP is a 19-year-old male studying Biomedical Engineering at the University of Southern California. He is well-aware of most USC folklore and he describes a very peculiar one to me (AK). In this piece, DP describes the folklore surrounding a very special cat that hangs around a dining hall at USC named Everybody’s Kitchen… Continue Reading »