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Never Say Macbeth

Content: Informant – “You know the story of Macbeth. There are a lot of witches in that play. Legend has it that the curses that they say are real. If you say the name of the Scottish Play in a theater needlessly, that theater is cursed. The name summons the witches and curses. To reverse… Continue Reading »

Theater Occupational Superstition: Macbeth (Version I)

Interview Extraction Informant:”Now the interesting thing about a lot of old stories is- and this is actually something we mentioned in class, how there are often two or three explanations that might not even relate to one another for many of the old stories or traditions.  The Macbeth legend that I know, there are two-… Continue Reading »

Theater Occupational Superstition: Macbeth (Version II)

Interview Extraction: Interviewer: (continued from a pervious question) “So it’s considered bad luck to whistle in the theatre, right?” Informant: “If you are whistling backstage it is considered back luck. I don’t know what you do to cure that, it’s not like ‘The Scottish Play’ where you have to go outside, twirl around three times… Continue Reading »