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“Salud Chindon”

Main piece: Proverb “Salud Chindon” Translation: “Good health for a hundred years” Background Information: Why does the informant know this piece? Her family is Italian American and uses this proverb. Where did the informant learn this piece? She learned it from her family who uses the proverb when drinking or making toasts. What does it… Continue Reading »

Mother’s Witty Toast

The following is a recollection of a slightly drunken toast given by a friend’s mother. I had seen a video clipping of his mother giving the toast on the social media application Snapchat, although I could not understand what was being said (although it was quite clear from the many empty glasses of wine beside… Continue Reading »

Friendships Toast

The following is a toast collected from a group of five friends who recite a pledge aimed at their longstanding mutual friendship. The pledge is performed during communal games involving alcohol, particularly ‘beer pong’ which is played between teams of two along the ends of a tall rectangular table.   The rules and practice of… Continue Reading »

Friendship Toast

When at a large group dinner with many friends all drinking and eating, Lizzie offers a toast: “There’s good ships and wood ships and ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships so cheers to you and me” After she gave the toast, I ask when she uses that particular toast: “I… Continue Reading »