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Mexican proverb

Main piece:  “El que mal obra, mal le va”  Transliteration:  He that wrong does, wrong you goes Full translation:  He who does wrong, wrong he does  Background: My informant was my dad. He was born in Mexico City but moved to LA at the age of 15. He brought this proverb up during a conversation… Continue Reading »

One True God

“The one true god, Nicolas Cage. His light guides us away from the temptation of John Travolta, and saves us from our bees. His known prophets are Stephen King, who controls the mind, and M. Night Shyamalan, whose endings are always unforeseen. Follow their instructions, and you may achieve Mitt Romney, a state of eternal… Continue Reading »

Albacore Riddle

  Albacore Riddle Personal Background: Lillian Tran is a 19 year old student at the University of California, Irvine studying journalism. She has grown up in a one hundred percent Vietnamese family, and is very proud of many traditions her family has. Riddle: There is one riddle she loves to tell since it is very… Continue Reading »

Scissor Lock

Scissor lock The Informant: My friend, was born in Los Angeles, CA. He is an only child and stayed in Southern California his whole life. He came over to my room one day and I randomly asked him if he had any good stories. I asked him specifically if he ever heard about the scissor… Continue Reading »

Occupational FOAF Stories

When the informant worked in a tech support job at the University of Southern California, she heard the two following occupational FOAF stories about ridiculous problems customers had called in to friends of her fellow workers: The most common story the informant heard was that of the worker who complains, “I broke my cup holder,”… Continue Reading »