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Ghost on MA-70

[The subject is PD. His words are bolded, mine are not.] Context: PD is a college student from Massachusetts. He is Caucasian, of Irish-Catholic heritage, and has lived in the United States for his entire life. This story was told to a small group of people during a party, just after midnight, when the conversation… Continue Reading »

The Pregnant Student

Background Location: New Lebanon, NY Informant: J.R. – 23 year old male, originally from New York State, attended the same high school as the collector Context Urban legend specific to a boarding school located in the remote mountains of the Berkshires in New York State, of which I attended. The rumor apparently occurred at least… Continue Reading »

Missing Prime Minster in Australia

Background Informant: R.P. Italian-Australian Male, 28 years old Location: Sydney, Australia Context Told to me by a 2nd generation Italian male, whose family immigrated to Australia from Italy and Naples a generation earlier. R.P. was born and raised in Australia and learned of this legend as a young boy playing with friends. The main piece/urban… Continue Reading »