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Venezuelan Hallacas

Context: The informant was speaking of Venezuelan foods eaten during Christmas, and she began to expand on this recipe and the history of the food.   Piece: Informant: Ah ok um so one tradition that we Venezuelans try to do every year is hallacas. And hallacas is a dish that originally comes from when we were… Continue Reading »

Venezuelan Salt Passing Superstition

Context: The informant was speaking about niche Venezuelan traditions.   Piece: Informant: The other thing in terms of beliefs is when passing the salt, if someone asks you to pass the salt, you don’t give it to them directly in the hand because it is believed that if you do that you will fight with that… Continue Reading »

Venezuelan Power Outage Meme

Context: This meme was sent to me after we discussed the usage of Whatsapp in by Venezuelans to spread jokes, especially concerning the current Venezuelan humanitarian crisis and recent power outage that swept the nation in March 2019. Piece: Exact Translation: What is the sensation of living in Venezuela? Something like this but without light. Holistic Translation:… Continue Reading »

La Llorona in Venezuela

Informant: Are you allowed to use ghost stories for your project?   Interviewer: Yeah actually, I thought more people would tell me ghost stories but it’s only been like one.   Informant: Because back in Venezuela a really well known one is the legend of La Llorona.   Interviewer: What? That’s a thing in Venezuela… Continue Reading »