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Breaking Glass at Jewish Weddings

Interviewer: Do you have any other unique customs or traditions that are particular to your Jewish community? SS: Yes one off too the top of my head is breaking glass at weddings. Interviewer: What exactly happens? SS: At the end of the wedding ceremony the newlyweds will traditionally stomp on some sort of glass together…. Continue Reading »

Thai pre-wedding custom

Main Piece: Informant: Here’s there’s this thing called a Sin Sod. It’s a price that the groom must pay the bride’s family before they can get married. It’s not as bad as it seems. It’s actually kind of sweet! The bride’s family will usually gift it back at the wedding. It’s more of a formality… Continue Reading »

Naval Academy Wedding Tradition

Main Piece: Informant: When a newly-married couple is walking out of the chapel for the first time they walk through two columns of Midshipmen holding their sabre’s up high. The lines are made up of members of the wedding party and officers in attendance. It’s four on each side of the two rows. The first… Continue Reading »

Turkish Wedding Customs: Coffee

P.N. – “When Turkish girls are old enough to make a good Turkish coffee, a joke is made in the family that they are now ready to be married off.” What happens during a traditional Turkish engagement ceremony? P.N. – “In the actual engagement ceremony, the groom’s family sits in the living room while the… Continue Reading »

May You Grow Old Sleeping on One Pillow

Item (direct transcription): May you grow old sleeping on one pillow. Background Information: The informant learned this blessing from his grandfather, who told it to him when he got married. Contextual Information: This blessing is meant to be given at a wedding. After the informant’s grandfather grew too old to attend weddings and eventually passed… Continue Reading »