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Traditional Practice: Whistling in a Theater

Main Piece:  “Okay, so the first story I’ve got is something that I encountered working in the theatre in Germany. And I, for some reason, when I don’t think about it, whistle. And I remember being in the theater and without consciously doing it I was whistling going down the halls and one of the… Continue Reading »

Whistling and Spirits

Context The following collection of this Singapore superstition came about during a routine phone call between me and my grandfather. ———————————————————————————————————— Performance The following is translated and transcribed from a story told by the interviewee. “You cannot whistle at night because you will attract spirit into your home. My father used to tell me that… Continue Reading »

Whistling at night

BACKGROUND: My informant, OR, was born in the US. Her parents are both immigrants from Grenada. OR often talks about how superstitious her Caribbean family is and this piece is one example out of our long conversation about how her family’s beliefs dominate how they behave.  CONTEXT: This piece is from a conversation with my… Continue Reading »

Whistling at Night

Main Piece: Informant: Throughout my childhood, I’ve been told you’re not supposed to whistle at night. So of course, I didn’t believe them and would whistle at night. One day I was at my grandparents house and my cousin and I were at the window and it was night time. We were bored because there’s… Continue Reading »