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Origin of Chinese New Year

Click here for video. “So the background story for Chinese new year is usually told to all Asian American children. Basically there was a monster called ‘Nian’ which means ‘year’ and he would prey on the villagers and eat small children and so he came every year basically. The old wise man in the village… Continue Reading »

Winter Solstice Festival (冬至)

冬至 dōng zhì Winter Solstice Festival “The Winter Solstice Festival is very important to the Chinese culture.  It is celebrated around December 21, the shortest day of the year.  This festival celebrates longer daylight, which means that there’s more positive energy.  For this festival, families get together and eat tangyuan.  Tangyuan are glutinous rice balls… Continue Reading »

Persian Dance Contest

  Persian Dance Contest Holiday/Tradition   As part of the Persian New Year, my informant’s Jewish school held a Persian Dance Contest. My informant described it in the following transcript of our interview:   “Every year during the Persian New Year, a holiday which honors the Jews of Persia, we have a Persian dance contest…. Continue Reading »