Taiwanese urban ghost story

Informant is a good friend of mine that loves ghost stories


This one story that my sis told me when I was a kid that really creeped me out for a while So here goes the version I remembered.

An apartment in Taiwan recently had a female student hearing a soft noise of a girl moaning at night, it was the 5th floor (top floor) and usually no one would go up there. Being scared, the female student went to find a Taoist priest to come investigate.

The Taoist priest, after doing some rituals at the girl’s apartment said the previous tenant of the apartment was of a girl who committed suicide by jumping out the windows because of relationship troubles. The Taoist priest says the girl’s ghost has very strong hatred and warns the female student that 3 days later is the day the girl died, and her ghost will come through your door one last time “ you must not make eye contact with her, or you will die. I have laid traps that will block most of her vision, but just in case, you should hide under the table that night.

So…on the third night, the female student did what The Taoist priest said and hid under the table.

The very next day, the Taoist priest came back to the apartment and found the female student dead. Apparently, Because the girl had jumped out the window and died falling….her ghost came in the door upsidedown .

This is actually a similar ghost story that I have found on the internet when I was digging around. This story is especially common in Japan where people have suicided by jumping off the rooftops of buildings. Like this story, because they fell on their head, they appear upside down and just looking at them will be the cause of your death. Many suicidal ghost stories are very common in Asia because of the high amount o suicide rates, it is honestly scary how people turn tragedies like suicides into ghost stories, but if it prevents people from suiciding I guess it is a way to save people from certain death.