Tell Nightmares

“When you have nightmares, when I used to have nightmares, my mom would tell me that I had to tell the people that were in the nightmares because if I didn’t, my nightmares would come true.”

This folk belief is different for me because I’ve never heard it before. It almost seems ironic to me since she was told to tell people that were in her nightmare about her bad dream. I would think she would be told to keep it a secret because she wouldn’t want people to know about her bad dream just in case she “jinxes” it; but jinxing is a totally different type of folklore.

Destini Felix is a co-worker of mine. She is 21 years old, not married, no children, and working in an office. She was born in the United States, but raised with parents who have lived in Costa Rica. She was raised mostly by her mother because her father had passed away when she was a child.

For this specific folklore, Destini believes in it because she grew up hearing it from her mother and grandmother.