The 6 P’s- Fraternity Lore

Informant: Sam Kitaj is one of my best friends from high school. His heritage is English, Russian, and Jewish. He is 21 years old and grew up in Westwood, California. He went to high school in Los Angeles and now attends a university and is studying Real-Estate Development. He played sports his whole life with a focus on soccer and is now in a fraternity.


Sam: ” The “6 P’s” is something at all people learn before entering my fraternity. It is a way to show the values the house hold in a catchy tone. The 6 P’s are as follows: Proper Preparation prevents Piss Poor Performance.”

This is a long lasting tradition is my Friend’s fraternity (rather go unnamed) and it is an integral part of the entrance into the brotherhood. The brotherhood that Sam is a part of holds true to the fact that it wants it s member to be good, genuine gentlemen who have good habits and can be a man that someone could hold accountable. These words are ingrained into the minds of the upcoming initiates and poses an obligation to live by them. These 6 words demonstrate that nothing can be done correctly unless you prepare to do it correctly. Without proper preparation than your performance will be week, and you will not be the best form of yourself. Something that his fraternity holds to the upmost importance.

I really like this particular phrase because it helps define fraternity life in a different way. Not all of fraternity life is about brutal hazing for initiation and crazy parties thrown on Thursday nights. These 6 P’s  allow for a constructive and motivational culture to be established and encourages good behavior of a group. This is a very noble saying that can be continued into everyday life.