The Banana Song

  1. The Banana Song:

Bananas Unite!

Form banana, form form banana then you

Peel banana peel peel banana

Eat bananas, eat eat bananas

Then you chop bananas chop chop bananas

Mash bananas mash mash banana

GO bananas, GO GO bananas!!!

  1. A fellow classmate actually taught him this song with the accompanying hand gestures as well. The classmate had learned the song from his cousin that teaches songs like these to preschool children, and they thought that the song was both catchy and funny.
  2. This song is normally sung, with hand gestures, in elementary and preschool classrooms as a way to keep the children entertained and engaged in the learning. Usually the teachers or teacher assistants will begin the song/dance and the children are then encouraged to follow along. Sometimes the kids will recite the song again on their own during recess or play time. The kids especially seem to enjoy the end of the song, where it says “GO bananas…” so they can be silly and have fun.
  3. I thought that this was also a funny song and dance. I feel like it is catchy for children of all ages, and would definitely be something perfect for me to try when I am babysitting.