The Black Forest

Max Feye, a Junior studying Screenwriting at the University of Southern California, who hails from Ocean Beach, San Diego, provided two pieces of folklore for this collection.

The interview was run, in his bedroom, at Orchard Avenue, on the outskirts of the University of Southern California.

Folklore Performance: The Black Forest.

Folk-Type: Folk Area.

“Did you have any folkloric experiences in Germany?” – Stanley Kalu

STORY: so my mom is from a city in Germany called Stuttgart and it’s right by the black forest and that’s where the Brothers Grimm stories take place. so we’d go into the forest, when I was a kid in Germany, and we’d look for these specific types of fairies and their based on these hats that people wear. Like red furry hats with rounded tops. I forget the German word for ‘em, but they were called Pom pom fairies. There are tons and tons of stories around that forest, elves that live in tree-trunks and for sure witches that live there.

Background Information: The Black Forest is the location of many of the Grimm fairy-tales. It is said to be enchanted.

Max enjoys this piece of folklore because he actively believed and pursed the magical creatures within the Black Forest. He learned about this from his mother, who grew up near the Black Forest.

Context of Performance:  The Black Forest is it’s own context, you know?

Thoughts: I’ve always been enamored with the idea of enchanted places. I wonder if some places are said to ve enchanted because, on some level, they are.