The boy who saw the devil

Context: This piece is was an interview that I directly copied every word said. The participants name is Jonathan. I had asked the participate in advance over phone if he had any folklore and he asked what I meant by that. After giving a few example he said he actually did have something to share. So we met in his apartment a few hour later. We entered the kitchen and sat down at the table. Main piece: Me: “So… what is this story you have to tell me” Jonathan: “ Well… I am not superstitious or anything and I don’t believe in ghost but I still did see something one night and strange things happened after that” Me: “I am sorry do you mind speaking a bit slower so I could write everything down” Jonathan: “ ughh sure… So I was telling you. Well when I was about eight in the middle of the night I got up to go pee. So I went to the restroom right and when I was coming out I saw a figure in my room. So I was shocked… like I mean I was super scared and so it moved right outside my bedroom door into this big hallway my parents house had… I don’t know why but I went to the doorway to see what it was. I was honestly so fucken scared because dude I saw like a person but they had horns! And it had a long pointy tail. I just froze… and then it just disappeared. Me: “that crazy… just give me a sec… ok so what do you think you saw” Jonathan: “I think I saw the devil.” Me: “ not that I don’t believe you or anything but have you ever considered maybe you dreamt this. Not in any offensive way” Jonathan: “see that’s what trips me out the most! So after I remember just turning on all the lights and I just stayed awake sitting on my bed. I never went back to sleep. Like I never woke up so I was always awake. Do you get what I am saying? I can’t explain it”  Background: Jonathan is a 19-year-old college student whose ethnicity is half Cuban and Half Mexican. He is a sophomore attending UCLA. He has stated that he grew up in a home where they do not believe in superstition or anything supernatural. He is a firm believer in science and what could be explained. My Thoughts:I cannot say whether or not I believe Jonathan; however, this is a prime example of how folklore begins and how these stories get passed on. Rather than telling me a story Jonathan has heard, he told me his own experience and encounter with paranormal activity. Jonathan has told this story to other people and now people and now many people believe his room is haunted by Satan himself. While there is no hard evidence to the event ever happening many people still believe the story to be true. The power of folklore and one sharing narratives is clearly displayed.