The Color Purple

Main Piece: SM: If your favorite color is purple, then…. We all believe that you will never get married. I have no idea why. It’s also just bad luck to have your favorite color be purple.


Context: This superstition is told often enough that SM remembers this off the top of her head, and is generally mentioned around single daughters.


Background: SM grew up in a Filipino household, and even said that one of her cousin’s favorite colors was purple and she didn’t get married until she was 40ish, and so SM has always believed in this superstition.


Analysis: I think this is extremely interesting; logically, there is absolutely zero correlation between someone’s favorite color and their chances of getting married, and yet is is so firmly believed in SM’s family (and according to her in the whole Filipino culture) that these two things are directly related. I could not find much information on it online, so I would be interesting in asking more Filipino families if they believe in this superstition.