The Cross of Saint George

Subject: Myth

Informant: Michael was born and raised in London. His father is British and his mother is American, hence he was exposed to both cultures growing up. He currently studies Health Promotion in Los Angeles and is the captain of the universities’ rugby team. Michael is also the president of his fraternity at the university.

Original Script: The red cross on the British flag comes from the cross of Saint George. Saint George was a crusader during the middle ages that slayed dragons and his main symbol was a white flag with a red cross on it. This red cross became so prominent in the U.K. that it eventually became incorporated into the countries flag.

Background information by informant: You learn the story of Saint George’s cross not only at home, but also in school when learning about the countries history.

Thoughts: It is interesting to see how folklore can even be embedded within the symbolic emblem of a country.