The Crow – China

The old mother crow cries for her children to feed her; she is old and tired and can not get her own food.  The young crows go out and bring back food to the nest and feed the old mother crow first before feeding themselves.  Others ask the young crows, “Why do you all feed your mother before you feed yourselves?”  The young crows reply, “When we were young and unable to get our own food, we cried and cried for our mother to feed us.  When she came back with food, she always fed us first.”

Joseph was born and raised in Taiwan and went to school there until he moved to America to attend college at John’s Hopkins University.  Joseph told me his father used to tell this story to him and his two younger brothers at bedtime when he was a child.  He said that this story was one of his favorite stories as it was told by his grandfather to his father as well.  He said that it made him realize the sacrifices his mother made for him, and it helped him realize the importance of family.  Now, 60 years old, he remembers the moral of this story as he takes care of his mother the same way she took care of him when she was young.

I never heard this story before Joseph told me this during today’s interview.  I found it very touching and feel that it teaches listeners very important lessons including appreciation, respect, and family values.  I think about how my parents took care of me during my childhood and how they continue to take care of me and are there for me now.  When I was young, I was helpless and relied on them to take care of me.  When they are older and I am self-sufficient, I will return the love by taking care of them when they rely on me.