The Day of the Dead

Informant: Nicolas Williams who is 18 and from Mexico City, Mexico. He is a student at USC that I interviewed. This is his favorite holiday to celebrate in Mexico.

The Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos): ” It’s on November first and every year we make a table, called an ofrenda, with pictures of our relatives that have died. Then we make all the food that they liked and we add flowers in order to honor them. Then there is a big party and we light candles and celebrate their deaths. Our family throws a big party every year and after we go and walk in a huge parade to the cemetary where we put flowers, usually orange, and gifts on the graves of our relatives. Everyone dresses like skeletons and in bright colors, some look actually really scary. It is similar to halloween in America I guess but a lot more about celebrating and honoring those who have died. We spend a long time preparing, usually a month because it is such a big deal in our family. We also eat bread of the dead and its very sweet and delicious. My favorite part is the parades because even though we are honoring the dead, everyone is happy and upbeat and its a great time to remember and pray for everyone that I love who has died”

More information can be found here on the holiday:

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Day of the Dead Alter

Day of the Dead, Nicolas’s picture