The Death of Wyclef Jean’s Father

RM: So basically Wyclef Jean used to live in my house, and his father died in our garage. 

Me: Oh wow, how’d that happen?

RM: He had actually gotten trapped under his Bentley and passed away. It started to cause problems for us when we decided to move?

Me: What happened?

RM: We had some people come in to do construction, so we could sell the house. They eventually said they wouldn’t work for us anymore because the house was supposedly haunted. 

Me: What made them say that?

RM: Just all the little signs when they were working: the lights kept flickering and they heard noises. They were just convinced there was a ghost, so they refused to keep working.

This is a family story of the informant’s that stuck with him due to its effect on his family’s attempt to sell their house. I think this is a believable story because it shows many of the typical signs associated with paranormal stories. The informant does believe this story is true because of his own eyewitness presence.