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Informant: “The second tradition…uh…is eating Chinese food on Boxing day. And so…I think the tradition started several years ago…when…we didn’t…so there was some- I was young so I don’t remember very well- there was some dinner fiasco…on Boxing Day and everyone decided to get- to eat out…or to order in, more specifically. But because it was Boxing Day a lot of restaurants were closed. And it’s possible that this was Christmas Eve too. I’m not entirely sure but the tradition now is on Boxing Day.”

Interviewer: “And when is Boxing Day?”

Informant : “I think it’s the day after Christmas. But uh…so allthe places- a lot of restaurants closed and so we had to look far and wide for a restaurant and there was a Chinese restaurant that was open. So we just decided to order…a Chinese feast in. And so now the tradition is to eat Chinese takeout on Boxing Day cuz…the joke is that it comes in boxes. Chinese takeout comes in boxes so…it’s kind of a joke and it’s a fun tradition. It’s a lot of you know….it’s good Chinese food.”ED GEIN_AMERICA'S MOST BIZARRE MURDERER 1


There is a tradition in the Wierzbicki family of getting Chinese Food on Boxing Day. It started when some event happened(unknown to the informant) that spoiled the dinner for that day (Or possibly Christmas Eve). They then ended up going to a Chinese restaurant since that was once of the few places open that day. Now, every year on boxing day the family eats Chinese food. This tradition is one that isn’t just specific to the Wierzbickis. A similar event happens in A Christmas Story where the family’s food is eaten by dogs so they start eating Chinese food for Christmas dinner instead.