The Frog Story

The informant says that this Frog story is a story of hope. It’s about believing in yourself.

The story:

Two frogs fell in a bucket of milk.. The bucket was kind of high, and the frogs couldn’t get over the bucket. Leaping in the milk was hard. After one of the frogs tried, she said “I’m going to give up” and she drowned” Then the second frog says “I’m going to keep trying, and im going to jump and If I drown- at least I tried.” Then she kept jumping, and jumping and jumping and fell and jumping and jumping until she turned the milk into butter. She was turning the milk so much while she was trying to jump and she turned the milk into butter. When it was butter, it was solid enough for her to jump – the butter gave her enough leverage to jump over the bucket and she survived

The informant says that a Yoga Guru in America told him this Indian Tale. The moral of this story is If you believe in yourself, and if you don’t give up, then you end up succeeding. It is a tale that performed in order to inform people who feel like giving up not to because the  hard work is worth it at the end. The story also demonstrates that humans are not so different than frogs – or animals, as the animals in the story are shown having the same fears – one being death – that humans do. Not only that, but this story is supposed to empower and motivate it’s listener into doing whatever they want to aspire to do.