The Giving Tree


Informant: “Okay um one more thing. Oh yeah my mom does this thing or did this thing which we don’t really do anymore but I’ll probably do once I have my own place. Um…like with my own kids. We did this thing called the Giving Tree or the Thankful Tree or whatever the hell but basically it was just like a big poster like ‘hey what are you thankful for?’ and we would get these leaves and we would trace them. Like we would trace them on the table and write a couple of things that we were thankful for. And then just put those up for like Thanksgiving season. Um and that would be like a sort of a…um that would be something we would do pretty consistently every Thanksgiving season.”


The informant tells me of one of his former Thanksgiving traditions, known as the Giving Tree. A big poster of a tree is hung up. The kids trace leaves and write what they’re thankful for on them. Then they hang the leaves up on the tree. The informant states that the tradition hasn’t been done in a long time. However, he still wants to continue the tradition when he has his own family. In the future he plans to be an active bearer of this tradition. I think it’s a nice tradition that’ll bring the family together and teach the kids what thanksgiving is all about.