The Golden Fish

Once there lived a man, he was the king of Egypt.   He was going blind and getting more ill by the day. One day a foreigner, traveller came. He was a doctor and asked to look at the king. After so, he said “I can fix it but I need a fish… a gold fish, golden fish. I will make a juice from the fishes blood to cure the king.” So the prince, the kings son, set out on a journey to find the golden fish. He had 100 days before the foreign doctor would leave and return to his homeland. On the last possible night, he still hadn’t found the fish but he said “I will cast a net one more time tomorrow morning, it’s too late but if I catch the fish, at least I can show my father I did my best.” So the man cast a net and he caught the fish. The man looked at the fish and felt bad for it… he didn’t want it to die, so he threw it back into the water. Now the story gets very different here.

So the prince went to the king and told him what had happened. The king threatened to kill his own son. But the queen, the prince’s mom, smuggled him on a ship in the night with gold in his pockets. She told him “Go and find a new life, but don’t hire a servant on monthly pay.” The prince didn’t understand but he did it because the queen was his mom. So he set out and found a beautiful place to settle. As soon as he had, servants came to ask him to hire them, but they all wanted monthly pay. The final man that came in for an interview was the only one who didn’t request monthly pay. So the prince hired him. The servant was the kindest nicest servant to the prince. One day the prince desired to marry the daughter of the new king. So the servant went to the king and asked him if that was possible. The prince had acquired much jewelry and gold and he was gonna give it to the king for his daughter. The king agreed to let the prince marry his daughter but told him, “My daughter has had many husbands but none live more than one night with her.” The servant told the prince and said, “Take a chance the luck will change,” so the prince agreed to marry the daughter.

On the night of the wedding they were in their wedding room. At some point in the night, a serpent came out of the mouth of the princess. The servant was quick however, and he killed the snake. So the curse had been broken and the two lived happily ever after. That isn’t the ending. The prince received a letter one day. His father, the king of Egypt had died, so he mother, the queen, requested his presence back in Egypt as the new king. So he left with his new wife, and his servant. A short while after they arrived the servant requested to go back home. The prince was very upset but said “I do not want to see you go, but I cannot stop you, you’ve saved my life, without you I would have been dead a while ago.” The servant looked the prince in the eye and said, “Without you, I would have been dead a while ago, for I am the Golden Fish.”

  1. When did you hear this story?

I read it not too long ago actually, but, I find that when you do the right thing, you get blessed with great gifts. So from the earliest days of my business I always did the right thing, and I’m pleased with the outcome today.

My Thoughts:

The moral behind this story is to do what’s right even when it doesn’t seem convenient. The prince saved the fishes life, and in turn, the golden fish, became the princes servant and repaid his debt to the prince.