The Great Baby Ruth

This is a prank that I tried with my friends at a birthday party. I was about twelve years old and I always remembered my mom telling me about candy bars in the pool during her days was a common prank. I went to the store before the party with my friend and we bought a Baby Ruth bar. When we got to the party we slipped the Baby Ruth into the water and it looked like someone had used the bathroom in the pool. A girl finally saw it and screamed and everyone got out of the pool. The parents came out and grabbed the pool net and scooped it out realizing it was still hard and wasn’t poop, but just a candy bar.

Informant: The informant for this piece of folklore is my brother Bradley Comisar. He heard this when he was about 12 years old. He heard this story from my mom Norma Comisar when she would tell him stories of her childhood.

Analysis: I have seen this same prank done in the movie sandlot. Im sure that is where my mom and her friends got it from, because the movie came out more towards their childhood. It is funny the different types of pranks that go on now compared to even a few years ago. Everything in today’s generation seems to base pranks off malicious acts and people getting hurt. In past times it seems the jokes were more original and meant for laughter and comedy.