During the cool times of October 2016  my cousin of 16 years old passed away was beaten to death by cholos and shot in the stomach. This incident came as a surprise to my family and nobody knew until it was reported by the police and the body was found. My parents do say that a day before something happened which was out of the ordinary. They had heard a strange knocking sound coming from the furniture. And again nobody was home the knocking sound sounded just like somebody knocking on the door but instead it was the furniture of their bedroom and they were in the living room watching a movie. This also happened when one of my uncles passed away in Mexico. Before they had known that my uncle passed away they had the same exact knocking sound coming from on room in the house and they thought it was strange that in both incidents the same thing happened as if something was warning them that one of their family members was dead. The strange thing is that both of these death happens around October just in different years. My cousin actually was beaten to death just outside of my apartment apartment complex so it was very close to where I lived.


Background Info

The informant really likes this story because it makes them feel close as if something warns that before anything it makes them feel psychic. It also makes the unexplainable explained as if some sort of sign was there before their deaths or before the knowledge of their deaths. It’s also the belief of their family members being close to them and letting them know that they have gone to heaven. The story is really meaningful to the informant because it reminds them of those deaths and helps them have closure in a weird way that they can only explain.



Many stories of signs have to do with the idea that there was a sign before the death or the knowledge of the death of someone it’s kind of like a psychic feeling that you get or like a sense you know like a mother’s sixth sense that you feel something is wrong so something out of the ordinary happens to let you know that it has happened. It helps us get prepared for the unknown because us humans are very afraid of the unknown and the idea of not knowing what’s going to happen the next day.