The Lighthouse Struggle

  1. There was a lighthouse on the shore of some really foggy part of the ocean and rocks shooting out all over the place and and a bunch of ships became shipwrecked which prompted the building of the lighthouse and so there were these two men manning the lighthouse and everybody knew the two men didn’t get along. They’d always go to town and seen by hundreds of people fighting, almost fist fights so they were at the lighthouse one day and one day one of them slips on a rock and falls 15 feet, hits his head, cracks it open and dies. So the other man, instead of just being able to have a burial at see because everyone’s going to doubt him, he decides he needs to keep the body and so he has the body and he keeps it outside on a porch thing facing out towards the ocean and he starts dismantling a bunch of cabinets to build a coffin. It’s a real rag tag coffin and so he puts his old companion in the coffin and leaves it out on that front porch area and because during the winter time the waves would get real large and crash onto the balcony area he took a rope and tied it around the guy’s arm and secured it around the coffin and tied it to the railing. One day a wave came and shattered the coffin, and all the wood went out to sea. And the corpse of his old companion was just sitting there, lodged up against the hand railing and he sat there for months staring at the body, didn’t know what to do because it was too rotten to move and there was nowhere to put it so he just stared at it. The body would kind of hang over the railing and kind of wave back and forth in the wind, and it’s as if the body was taunting him, saying fuck you I’m still here after death to make your life miserable. So it was about 5 months before another ship came and brought provisions and when they did they found the body and took the other man back to civilization but that guy was never really the same again. He sat there and stared at a guy decompose and every time he looked out to the ocean that’s all he saw. And when he asked why a ship didn’t come sooner to go get them, he was told that there were ships sent every 2 weeks or so but they saw a guy waving to them so they thought they were fine so they turned around and went home assuming they were fine. Legend has it that the guy’s still sitting there.
  • He really enjoys a good ghostly story so it’s just something that stuck with him.
  • He doesn’t actually remember where he learned it from, but it’s something that he just happened to think of when we were were discussing cool stories.
  • The context of the performance is just that he and I were sitting In my room and exchanging interesting stories/legends/ghost stories we recalled.
  • I think stories like this could prove to be very interesting for multiple reasons. It could just be a scary story told in order to scare people, it could be a story meant to teach a lesson about the power of people’s opinions over a situation, like how the living man knew the public was aware of his dislike for his partner, and how that eventually led to the end of the story. At the same time, it could just be one of those “this is the legend of that one guy who is apparently still dead and waving at those who sail near to the lighthouse. I do, however, still find things like this mildly difficult to believe due to the lack of witnesses with whom I could discuss.