The Luck Proverb

  1. You can have it all- looks, money, and intelligence. But if you don’t have luck, then none of it matters.
  2. This proverb was one my grandmother had heard from her grandmother, and so on. It has been passed primarily through the maternal side of my family for generations. It is a strong belief she has always held, and believes it is applicable to everyone’s lives. Looking back on things she was able to accomplish in her past, she believes that none of it would have been possible had she not credited to at least a little bit of just good luck. This isn’t to say that she believes that other qualities and characteristics do not matter, but she thinks that luck is truly what is the leading force for a lot of her accomplishments and successes.
  3. This is a family proverb that can be shared with other families simply if they believe in and agree with what this proverb is emphasizing; luck is an essential force in helping you reach your personal goals.
  4. I personally do agree with this proverb and would happily share it continuously with my family and future generations. Sometimes being ‘in the right place and at the right time’ can surpass anything else.