The Maria Alvarez (A Ghost Story)

Ethan Newmayer, a free-lance photographer working for Louis Vuitton, who hails from, Chula Vista, San Diego, three pieces of folklore for this collection.

The interview was run, in his bedroom, The interview was run, within his studio, at Orchard Avenue, on the outskirts of the University of Southern California.

Folk Performance: The Maria Alvarez (A Ghost Story).

Folk Type: Legend.

“Do you have any scary stories? Heard of any, even in passing?” – Stanley Kalu

STORY: Maria Alverez’s Ghost Story, um, she got to her apartment the other day and I think her roommate was out of town and when she walked in her record player started playing. It was Ed Sheeran record? Just automatically by itself. Which is just kind of freaky. Especially cause Ed Sheeran.

Background Information: There is a long-standing tradition of ghosts being able to manipulate the physical world without being seen. As such, the concept of objects being moved, without human contact, immediately conjures the image of otherworldly spirits.

Ethan performed this in his bedroom as a retelling of his girlfriend’s experience.

Context of Performance: Ethan remembered this piece of folklore because he is dating the person that experienced the ghost. It is important to him because it is important to the person he cares about.

Thoughts: The Ed Sheeran comment is all I really think about when I interact with this piece of folklore. Never before have I heard of a ghost simply having poor taste.