The Menehune

Informant migrated to Hawaii from Korea some forty years ago. She has grown up there as a child so she is familiar with certain Hawaiian traditions, superstitions, and customs.

Myth as told by informant:

Here is what I remember about the Menehune.

I first heard of Menehune when I was in middle school while learning about Hawaiian history. I’m not sure exactly who I heard it from but most likely my social studies teacher at the time.

I was told that Menehune are mysterious creatures short in stature of 2 feet at the most. They are believed to be shy and living in the forest. They only come out at night and do their work not to be seen by others. They are strong builders and skilled engineers so that they would construct buildings and roads overnight. They are also believed to be mischievous. So when some incredulous happenings occur, people would say that it’s the workings of Menehune.

I’ve also heard of the Night Watchers. They march at night, hence the name Night Marchers. They are not to be looked at in the face when and if you come across them. They also have their own pathways that people can’t block, cross or build over.