The Mirrors at Night

  1. So my friend’s mom puts up contact paper on the big mirrors they had in their bedrooms. Like, the closets have these like mirror doors that slide over each other when they open them. So, um she covers up the top mirror with contact paper, and, um when they go to sleep we slide the second mirror door underneath the covered one. When I asked her about, she just said it was because it’s believed that our spirits like leave our bodies and night and when, um, we’re sleeping so they covered the mirrors so that the spirits wouldn’t get scared of their reflection”


  • She knows it because she was collecting folklore and this happened to be something she collected
  • She learned this from a friend of hers who apparently didn’t know why her mom did this
  • It was mostly a safety precaution for the sake of the spirits at night.
  • I find it interesting how in a lot of cultures there’s an emphasis on making sure that the spirits are comfortable. I also think it’s interesting how the mom did this and didn’t’ really explain to her daughter why she did what she did. It was just kind of something the daughter accepted as routine without questioning why. Apparently she thought it was to keep her from getting scared of her own reflection at night.