The story


My gram’s house is haunted we all know it and one time when I was little I was playing with my cousins out in the living room because there’s like construction going on in the house so there wasn’t like a lot of other spaces until we are sitting in the living room playing with our dolls and we heard footsteps in the attic and we were really confused because there was no one home . And so we kind of ignored it the first few times and just kept playing and then like we are getting scared and also like frustrated because you didn’t understand like if somebody was messing with us so we decided to like go and check and That was not happening but we went and like looked in the backyard and like in the rooms and we like counted everybody who is at the house so I can make sure there was no way anybody could be upstairs because you’re just really freaking out But like my sounds like loud like footsteps why do they say your grandma’s house How old is the house really old really really old and actually stories of like like the people who have liked live there in the past like I don’t remember exactly but something really crazy happening in the house So there’s that and also my great grandpa passed away in the house. You think is it because like they feel like they will go so note that house basically


This informant felt  very attached to the story because she had experienced it first-hand and it meant a lot to her because it was during your childhood. The attic of her grandmother’s house has always been very creepy and hear noises coming from the attic freaked her out.  Her grandmother’s house is very old and many people were said to hang themselves and kill themselves in that house so a lot of the things that happened or unexplained.

This is a traditional ghost story about the property of the people who had lived there before.  the idea that the person that has lived in the house before still is attached to the house in a spiritual way which is the plot to many ghost stories. Usually by hanging and death in the house bring spirits into the house in which they cannot rest.