The Orchestra Pit

Contextual Information

Time of Interview: April 21st, 4:53 p.m.

Location of Interview: Interior of Informant’s Room, Arts and Humanities

Informant’s First Encounter w/ Folklore: Freshman Year of Private High school

When Folklore is performed: Amongst freshman theater students at Informant’s High school



“In high school theatre, everyone was convinced that the seniors our freshman year had sex in the orchestra pit and on every couch, even though our crew of theatre nerds was intensely prude and had no evidence whatsoever. But whenever we went down to the pit we all freaked out about accidentally touching dried bodily fluids and catching an STD. In our defense, the pit was dark and dirty, so the idea that the upperclassmen had lots of sex down there isn’t entirely unproven. Or the kids who were two and three years older than us just liked to make up stories about people having sex in the pit and the green room!”


The transition between junior high and high school can often be a jarring one. Homework is increased, the race for college begins, and the dating scene finally becomes a reality. With so much change occurring, one often needs some event or story to celebrate the passing of such a liminal period. Fortunately for my informant, her theater crew was more than willing to oblige.