The Punchbug Game

“You see an out-of-state license plate, yell out the name of the state, and you get to punch the person you’re with.”
My informant     learned this game as a little kid from his friends.  This game is very popular with kids, and I’m sure that almost every child or teen knows of this game.  Simple games such as this one are easily spread around by kids.  Duke said that most of the games that he learned in elementary school were games that he learned from other kids who learned from other kids.  This chain of learning happens on the playground and classrooms.  Games were part of children’s lives at that young age, so games are always on their minds.
Duke likes to play this game on long road trips to get rid of boredom.  When he spends countless hours in the car, he runs out of things to talk about and do.  While looking out the car window, he starts to observe cars and their license plates.  Looking for out-of-state license plates gives Duke something to do.  Also, being able to punch a friend after finding an out-of-state license plate gives Duke the opportunity to release pent up frustration.
He thinks that this game is fun with lots of friends.  When he’s with a lot of friends, he has more chances to punch people and laugh about it.  He thinks it’s a great way of passing time, but it can get annoying.  When all a person does is look for out-of-state license plates and wants to punch people, Duke gets frustrated.  The game can be played for a short while, and after that, it gets old.
I’ve played this game before, and I think it’s a great time waster.  It’s something that I would play only when I’m bored or when I think of it.  It’s a great game only if people aren’t obsessed with always looking for out-of-state license plates.  Once people compulsively look for them, it can be very obnoxious.