The Real Mannequin

There’s this little town in Mexico. It’s name is a dog, I think. Chihuahua, I think. Yeah, Chihuahua, Mexico. And there’s this famous bridal dress store there… the only famous thing about Chihuahua, Mexico. And there’s this mannequin out front. And it’s a really creepy mannequin; I’ve seen pictures of it. There are rumors that the owner of the shop, this creepy old guy, did that thing where he put formaldehyde all over his daughter when she died young. What is that called? Uh, embalming. Yeah. There are rumors about this shop, that the mannequin in front is his embalmed daughter. I know it sounds crazy. But if you look at it… at the mannequin… her fingernails are so… real. Like, yellow and crusty where they meet her skin. And her skin is all sallow and rubbery looking. And she has this long, stringy hair. I can’t remember what color it was, but it wasn’t pretty. Kind of matted looking. And all crusty where it meets her scalp. Oh, yeah and her eyes are all murky. They don’t look like the typical painted-on or glass eyeballs that typical mannequins have. Like, at all. But it’s the fingernails that got me. I’m inclined not to believe this kind of stuff, it sounds insane. But I’ve seen the pictures and the mannequin looks like… a dead body. And it’s not nice to look at, especially given it’s supposed to be used to sit out front and look good and sell dresses. Like, why would somebody put a crusty, creepy mannequin out in front of their store? Because it’s their embalmed, dead daughter—that’s why.

M heard this story from her friend, and after seeing the pictures of the mannequin online, it’s haunted her ever since. She likes this piece because it scares her, and usually horrifies the people she tells it to, eliciting a good reaction. She’s so interested in this story that she wants to one day visit Chihuahua and see the famous mannequin in person. Maybe that will answer her question of the story being true or not.

This story is chilling, especially with the photos as a supplement to the story itself. It’s easy to discredit it as a scary story, but the pictures do look like a real body. I think I might believe that it is true.