The Significance of Pomegranate

There’s a story about a woman during the genocide, that she kept her family alive by feeding them pomegranates. I think it was that every day she gave each one of them a seed. They were able to survive off that. Pomegranates have a significant meaning in Armenian culture. Armenians say that a pomegranate, each one, has 365 seeds and that if you eat one seed a day you will be filled with health and good fortune. If you do not eat one a day you don’t receive those gifts. Famed author, William Saroyan uses the pomegranate as symbolism as the pomegranate is what sustained his mother during the death march of the genocide.

  1. Do you eat a pomegranate seed every day as suggested above?

No I don’t… I don’t… I really don’t eat pomegranates? I like them a little bit but not that much… They also aren’t really available all year long anyways.

My Thoughts:

Symbolism is very important in literature. And it’s almost like the pomegranate was a good luck charm for those during the genocide. Authors like Saroyan may see that as a beacon of light to write about. In Armenia, you can find many touristy items that are related to pomegranates including key chains, household knick knacks and even jewelry.