The Story of Mr. Mauritz

Informant: The subject in question is a 20 year old girl studying screenwriting at USC. She hails from Phoenix, Arizona, while most of her extended family comes from Western Kansas.

Basically, we’ll call him Mr. Mauritz. Mr. Mauritz was a teacher at my high school and he supposedly, allegedly slept with a student. And she was a minor so it wasn’t good. It wasn’t a good situation. And the administration found out because a teacher brought it to light. And that teacher isn’t at that institution. And Mr. Mauritz wound up getting promoted, after the girl graduated, to the director of student council, so that he had interactions with all the students. And no one knows exactly why he was promoted or if he really did sleep with this student. But I think it was and I’ve heard others say that he threatened to sue the school and they thought for some reason that they would lose. And he is now in charge of things for sleeping with a student.
Why significant?
Because he was a teacher and I saw him around school a lot. I wasn’t in student council but I had friends who were and I always saw him and always thought “you fucked a kid”.
Who’d you hear it from?
I always heard it from older kids, kids a year above me, or kids in student council. I don’t remember any specific kid telling me it
What happened to the girl?
No. That’s the thing, she was always left out of it. I don’t even know who it was and it was before I was in school.


This story serves as a sort of urban legend, one circulated at an ordinary high school and concerning a very mundane figure, the teacher referred to here as Mr. Mauritz. All high schools possess stories like this. Whether they are true or not is generally incidental. What is significant is that the average high school student refuses to except anything as mundane. Even the dullest exterior must possess an intriguing, possibly dark interior.

These rumors spread like wildfire and spread in such a way that no individual can ever really know where they started or who started them. It’s fairly likely that the story (with no information regarding the girl in question) does not possess any basis in reality and was merely the brainchild of a bored student with a personal vendetta against a certain teacher. However, equally likely, the story is entirely factual and due to legal concerns, all other details are sparse. This uncertainty does not make the story less interesting, in fact, quite the opposite. The fact that no one can certainly conclude in either direction makes the story all the more tantalizing for students to ponder and pass on to their peers.